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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Authentic Relating Practice

Dates to be confirmed

Online and in-person

6-week course. 

Introductory Workshops

Dates to be confirmed

Come and explore how kind, non-judgmental touch and presence can help us to know and feel more of who we really are.

Intensive Rosen Method Bodywork Course

July 19-26th 2024 

Earth Spirit Retreat Centre

Summer Residential Bodywork Intensive. The Earth-Spirit Retreat Centre is nestled in the village of Compton Dundon in Somerset and is close to Glastonbury with it’s many quirky cafe’s and historic places.You can expect lots of time to unwind in-between workshop sessions, whether going for a walk, lying in the grass, or sitting outside with a cup of something nice and chatting with others. Accommodation is available.

Please see for a full list of other upcoming Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement courses.

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